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All we want for Christmas is more trains

As we approach the season to be jolly, the Cinderella Line would like to jingle your bells with two bits of festive cheer for your commute.

Something for the weekend

How would you like 4 trains an hour to London at the weekends? At the top of our Christmas list is everyone responding to the Thameslink consultation to make that happen.

In the last round, Crofton Park had the highest number of responses, closely followed by Nunhead in third place, and Catford in fifth. Brighton came in sixth and given how much trouble they have had over the last year with strikes, lack of drivers and arguments over who closes the doors, it just goes to show what a sweet sound our community makes when it comes to singing from the same carol sheet.

But we need to raise our voices one more time while the weekend services are within our grasp.

Thameslink have proposed 4 trains every hour at the weekend: Ding dong! But they are suggesting December 2018. Bah! Humbug! We think that's way too long to wait.

Show them we don't want them Grinching on our travel plans for two more years and say loud and clear we need 4 per hour sharpish. Click now to read more about Phase Three and complete the short survey.

We have to respond by 20th December so before you get your Christmas cheer on, get your vote in.

The royal treatment

A little while ago, the Cinderella Line campaign and the local community successfully pushed for services into Victoria during morning peak times on a weekday.

That's helped curtail a lot of commutes but that's all about work - what about play?

When the bright lights of the West End beckon, no one wants their plans spoiled by waiting for trains so imagine if Southeastern put on a star turn and the Cinderella Line could take you to Victoria on a weekend too?

If you don't want to be stamping your feet in the cold, but instead have your knees under the table at a lovely restaurant, be tapping your feet to live music or shaking your thing on the dancefloor...shouldn't it be easy? And if we wanted to see a musical just 20 minutes from home - well, that would be Wicked, wouldn't it?

To show your support, all you need to do is sign our petition to help us on the way.

Lets see 2017 out with a bang and take it up a gear in the new year. Now that's a cracker!


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