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What a Pantomime

12th December 2021

The Cinderella Line was named for a reason and it wasn’t because we get to travel in fancy coaches. These days, it might seem like the days of four trains an hour are behind you...but what’s that you say Thameslink? “Oh no they aren’t?”

Do tell us more, Mother Goose...

Slay Ride

Despite the reduced number of passengers, we have still been asking for as many services as we can have because a lot of us rely on our train service every day and – put Thameslink back on your Christmas card list - from Monday 13th December, we ‘re going to be returning to four trains an hour on week days in peak-time morning and evening.

Of course, all day every day service restoration is a wish we'd love the Thameslink fairy to grant, but changes in Government advice pose big challenges for the whole transport industry. Whatever happens next though, we'll be monitoring it closely with all our local transport users in mind.

Travelling safely

In the survey we asked you to complete a few months ago, we know that travelling safely was a top concern. We are pleased to see that the government guidance for wearing masks has been reintroduced to the train network and feedback so far tells us compliance has generally been good. We are also keeping a watchful eye on the passenger numbers, through experience in person and on social media, and are regularly engaging with Thameslink to ensure people can distance themselves and travel safely.

Catford: going up in the world

After a long push for improvements, Catford station is getting a lift - so step-free access will finally be available to passengers. This well-overdue work will commence in January, however it will take quite a period of time to be completed due to the complexities of the station and access to the site. The main thing is … it’s coming. One less hill to climb for those who need it.

A lick of paint

We have done a scout round of all of the Cinderella line stations and told Thameslink where some extra TLC would help. Most are looking in good shape, but if you do spot anything that needs attention please let us know so that we can raise it with those who wield the paintbrushes.

That's All Folks

As another year draws to a close, we want to thank you once again for your continued support. If only everything were easily solved, we’d have our feet up in front of a roaring fire by now but, as it happens, we’re ok to be roasting those transport chestnuts again in 2022 - so thank you, keep well and see you soon.



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