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New Timetable Plans The Cinderella Line knows how to party The Cinderella Line team always like to rub shoulders with the big wigs in places like Cannes, Milan and New York and this week was no exception as we attended the excitingly-named Thameslink Stakeholder Event at Kings Cross. Despite the less than thrilling title and no free champagne, being there gave us key information on the next steps for the new timetable plans, coming in May 2018 and the chance to raise some of your key issues. Something For the Weekend? Four services an hour every day - even on a Sunday. How we all long for four trains an hour for Crofton Park and we're getting there, but the battle is not over. Next week, the

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A Cinderella Line campaign has been created and is run by the Crofton Park Transport Users Group (CPTUG)

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