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How to help

Join us to help improve our service

Find out how you can help us


We are a local action group of 10 people that run the Cinderella Line campaign.

We all donate our spare time to run the campaign and push to improve the service so anything you can do to help us is greatly appreciated. 


There are several key ways to help us fight to improve the service. Scroll down to find out more.

Follow us on social media

Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts

If you use social media, please follow us and retweet or share our content to help us spread the word about upcoming meetings, surveys and consultations.

Come to our public meetings

We host several public meetings each year where we invite the train operators to give an update on progress of the service and give you the chance to ask questions.

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings and they are well publicised in advance through our website, social media and email lists.

In addition to this, we regularly attend the Crofton Park Assembly meetings to provide regular updates on progress.

The Crofton Park Assembly has generously granted us funding, following a public vote, to allow us to run the campaign.

Be Counted

Please tap in and out for every trip, no matter which type of travel card you use.


It's our chance to prove to the train companies that there are so many of us relying on the Cinderella Line's service.

Every tap is a nudge forward to securing better, more frequent trains for us all.

Help us out with the campaign!

Our campaign is run and managed by the Crofton Park Transport Users Group (CPTUG).


We are always looking for new members to join the group, and help with the campaign.


Here are just some of the ways you can help:


  • Help us with distributing leaflets to promote the campaign

  • Get involved with pubic meetings when we hold them

  • Suggesting and writing content for our website

  • Talking to the press about the campaign 


If you would like to get more involved, just send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or email us.

Write a complaint to Thameslink

If you havent already done so, please write a complaint directly to Thameslink about the service.


It's really important to complain directly to them so that they can see the amount of complaints specifically about the Catford Loop.


When you write to them, its worth including:


  • How often you are delayed each week

  • How often your service is over crowded

  • What impact this has on your life, eg: Does it make you late for work/impact on your chidlcare arrangements?


You can email thameslink customer services directly:


Write to London Travelwatch

Thameslink have a duty to investigate and respond to all complaints made to them.


If you have written to them and the response you have had is not satisfactory, you can escalate your complaint to London Travelwatch.


London Travelwatch is an independent transport watchdog for transport in and around London.


Please note, they can only get involved with a complaint once you have written to Thameslink and are unhappy with the response. 

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