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The wheels are still in motion

After everything that’s happened this year, transport might seem less important, but in some ways more important, than ever. Either way, we wanted to let you know that we’re still here, trying to make sure our community gets the train service it needs.

We’re all train users and while some of us might be travelling more than others right now, the aims of our campaign haven’t changed: we have always wanted a safe, efficient, reliable service for everyone.

Thameslink Services

As you will have seen, our off-peak services have been reduced to two trains an hour - back to what they were before we got our hard-won increase and this needs to change.

There has been a network wide reduction in train services with many routes stripped back to just one or two trains an hour so we are not the only ones impacted. For us the key is to ensure that our services travel all the way through Blackfriars and on to St Pancras, providing a seamless journey that joins up with vital interchange stations.

Soon we will be virtually meeting Vicky Foxcroft MP, who has supported the campaign from the beginning, along with key representatives from Thameslink and Network Rail to discuss the service, and ensure that we get what we need.

Victoria Services

Our direct services from Victoria were suspended in the earlier part of the year, but we are pleased to let you know that these weekday peak time services have now been restored.

Station Updates

When we last updated you, we mentioned that there are a series of improvements planned for the stations on the Cinderella Line. These were understandably put on hold in March, however things are getting moving again and we are speaking with the team at Thameslink to revisit the plans and ensure that the money awarded for improvements is used for maximum passenger benefit.

Rolling On

So here we still are: still on the campaign, still working for our area, still trying to have local transport users backs. With passenger levels currently at 27% of what they were for this time last year, we wanted to ask those of you that have used the service recently how you feel? Do you feel safe? Is there something you would like the campaign to take up?

Let us know if there is anything you are concerned about and we will make sure we do whatever we can to get a reliable, safe train service for all.



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