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Back Us Up!

We've Got Your Back

Just like always, we're working away in the background to get better from our train operators. Now can you get behind us again on something new?

The Bakerloo line will be coming to Lewisham and Transport for London are having a further consultation about extending further - beyond Lewisham to Catford and Beckenham - terminating at Hayes.

We really want that extension to Hayes because that will mean the Bakerloo line joins up with our Cinderella Stations, giving us a proper network with a range of transport options, fit to meet future demand.

The Cinderella Line are backing the Bakerloo. Can you back us?

Click below to add your voice to the the TfL Consultation - but be quick - it closes on 22nd December. Make sure you tick "Strongly Support" for question nine and tell them in the comments why its so important that the Bakerloo meets the Cinderella Line!

Forget Uber - Let's all Tube-er. I'm sure we can root for that.

Still Due for a Service

In spite of everything we got the full, four-trains-an-hour service we were fighting for...or did we? Well yes - during the week but no - not at weekends because Thameslink still haven't delivered our full seven day a week service.

We have been on their case, with the support of Local MP/PPC Vicky Foxcroft, and the Cinderella Line team are meeting with the Thameslink Timetable Project Team in the next month to discuss what can be done.

With your support we will continue to hold them to account and get them to honour the commitments made to us all.

Not Staying Stationary

When we last updated you, we asked for your opinion on how our stations can be improved, using the money Thameslink and the Department for Transport awarded our stations as mitigation for the chaos of the 2018 timetable launch.

Our priority is to make sure that all of our Cinderella stations are clean, welcoming and accessible. Thameslink now have our suggestions and yours and are working through the ideas to put together a plan in the new year.

We will be in touch then, to keep you posted.


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