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Spring in our step

It's been a while since we last updated you and two hugely positive things which we’ve wanted and worked towards as a campaign, well, since we stared really, have finally happened! Are you ready? Here they come...

Through Trains to St Pancras

Lots of morning and evening weekday services will now run right through Blackfriars and on to further destinations from 15th May! Look at those beauties, running right through the core - not terminating at Blackfriars but taking you onward to Farringdon (to connect with the long awaited Crossrail) and beyond...

Most services between about 6:30am - 9am and about 4:30 - 7pm on weekdays will run at least as far as London St Pancras International. For the first time in a long time, we have a service that connects us right through London. There are still a few odd exceptions though so do make sure you check before you travel.

This is a huge milestone for our campaign and we are really pleased to share this important update with you.

No need to Mind the gap

Something else we have been pushing for, pretty much from day one of the campaign, is to make it easier to board the trains at Crofton Park. Platform 1 (heading Northwards, into London) has long been a sort of Crofton Park Canyon, a serious danger for anyone with a small child, a dog, a mobility impairment of any sort - basically anyone who can’t vault lightly aboard like an Olympic athlete.

Now, work has finally been undertaken to move the track closer to the edge of the platform, reducing the gap and making it easier to get on and off the train. While this is a literal step in the right direction, although the gap has been reduced in width, there is still work to be done reducing the height difference between the train and the platform. As always, we have this in our sights and will be pushing for the next stage of making our stations accessible for all.

Platform two has already had the gap reduced and a tactile surface has been added to make it easier for visually impaired users to identify where the platform edge is.

It might only seem like a few inches but it’s a really big step in terms of accessibility for passengers at Crofton Park.

The Lift We All Needed

On the subject of accessibility - work on installing a lift at Catford Station will be starting in May. We don't have a clear picture of how long it will take, as yet, but we are really pleased to see yet another uplift for our station users. All rise!

The next stop on this service is....?

We recognise that the last two years has completely changed the way people use our service, their commuting habits and requirements and expectations for our transport service. While we have achieved so much since we started the campaign, but we want to hear from you to understand what is important to you now.

Want more weekday off peak services? More late night services? Weekends? Please drop us a message and tell us what is on your mind so we can start to focus on the things that are important to you now.

Thanks as always for your continued support - lets keep on, full speed ahead.



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