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Important Timetable changes

Since we last updated you, weekday passenger numbers on the Cinderella Line have fallen to just 15% of what they were before March 2020.

With such a drastic drop in usage, Thameslink are further reducing our services from Monday 22nd February.

The changes planned are as follows:

  • At present, the earliest Northbound train during weekdays departs at 4:58am from Crofton Park (4:48 at Ravensbourne, 4:55 at Catford)

  • Under the timetable change the earliest service will now depart at 6:08am from Crofton Park (5:58 at Ravensbourne, 6:05 at Catford)

  • We will also see our morning and evening peak time services reduced to two an hour and they will just run between Blackfriars and Sevenoaks

We want to hear from you, right now, if this change is going to have an impact on your commute.

The vast majority of you aren't currently using the service regularly, in line with Government guidance. However we also know there are still users who have to travel for work - including vital keyworkers - who rely on the service.

Of course, when things start to open up again, we will be pushing hard for the restoration of the four trains an hour that we know we need, but for now we want to make sure the services that are running are meeting the needs of everyone making essential journeys.



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