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Six forgotten stations in South London

Campaigning for a better train service

Thameslink Phase Three

Thameslink have put together a short survey to get your thoughts on the their weekend service proposals.
It's very easy to use - just follow our guide to complete it:

Step 1 - Search for your journey

Go to the consultation website and put your journey details into the Check your journey box. 

Although you can see weekday trains, this part of the consultation is only for  Saturday - Sunday services, so you only need to comment on those. 

When completing the survey, just pick Sunday to fill it in - you don't need to complete it for each day separately.

Step 2 - Check your new journey details

You will see the what the new times will look like and how many more services there are for you to use! 

There are 4 trains an hour planned for both Saturday and Sunday. From May 2018 there will be two trains on Saturday, but only two on Sunday. The Sunday service will then be increased to four trains an hour from December 2018. If, initially we can only have two trains on Sunday then we believe they MUST go through to St Pancras, not terminate at Blackfriars.

You can read more about this on page 15 of this document from Thameslink.

Step 3 - Give your feedback!

Click the Give your Feedback button to go to the short survey

The survey will ask you some short questions. For the last question (09) we would ask you to copy and paste this wording into the box:

I fully support the proposals for 4 trains an hour for the Catford Loop on Saturday and Sunday, however I want to see our Sunday service go as far as St Pancras from May 2018, not terminate at Blackfriars as proposed. Ultimately we need 4 trains an hour as a minimum on both days of the week to provide a proper turn up and go service to meet the growing needs of our stations. I fully support the Cinderella Line campaign response for more services. 

We recommend copying this now, so you don't have to go back and find it when you are already in the survey.


Feel free to add your own comments too if there are any specific points that you would like to include.

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Before you get started...


There are a few things we want to make you aware of before you give your feedback:

  • The journey checker only shows direct services. For some journeys you will need to change at Blackfriars or other stations on the route to make your full journey in the same way that you do now

  • The journey checker only shows services operated by Thameslink - our trains to London Victoria aren't part of this consultation. 

  • It's worth clicking on the earlier trains and later trains options when completing the survey so see the full range of services that will be available

  • You will notice that some services are spaced at 10 and 20 minute intervals - this has been done deliberately to allow another train operator to provide new services on our route, eventually giving us trains every 10 minutes (6 trains an hour)


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