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Your chance to talk to Thameslink

Good news! We have a confirmed date for our public meeting with Thameslink and Network Rail. The day is Saturday 17th November. The time is 2pm. The place is the Rivoli Ballroom.

Thameslink Railway and Network Rail will be there and the meeting will be chaired by local MP Vicky Foxcroft.

This is your chance to help us push for the services we were promised and to tell them to how vital they are for local users.

Get what you deserve Big changes in service ahead and Thameslink also won't be small-changing users who coped with the cost of the new timetable implementation chaos in May. There are enhanced payments on offer as well as the usual Delay Repay so make sure you get what you're entitled to.

Passengers who held season or non-season tickets between 20 May and 28 July 2018, and travelled on those parts of the route where Thameslink or Great Northern operate a significant proportion of services, could be eligible for compensation of anything from 1 to 4 weeks worth of fares.

How do I claim? See below to find out how to claim the compensation you are entitled to:

If you hold a weekly, monthly or yearly ticket or a KeyCard issued by Thameslink that is just for their services: Thameslink have already paid compensation to over 60,000 ticket holders as part of the first phase of the compensation. If you hold a paper season ticket or a KeyCard and you haven't already received compensation from Thameslink, then visit their website to make your claim before 30th November:

If you hold a weekly, monthly or yearly travelcard that covers you for both Thameslink and tube/bus services (Oyster Card) Now is your time! Head to the Thameslink website to start your claim:

To make a claim, you just need to provide:

  • Proof of your original ticket purchase. (either a receipt, or if you don't have that you can provide a copy of your bank statement to show when you purchased the ticket)

  • Proof that you use your travelcard on Thameslink services (you can download your journey history from your oyster account to provide proof that you use the service regularly)

You must make your claim before 30th November to ensure you receive compensation.

If you made three or more return journeys a week (either with a paper ticket or oyster/contactless) during the affected period (20 May - 28 July 2018): You will be able to start your claim from the end of November. Please keep all of your tickets/travel documents in order to make your claim.

We have also put together some handy FAQs below to help you:

What do I need to supply to make a claim: You need to provide Thameslink with as much information as possible in order to make a claim.

  • Type of ticket e.g. standard class carnet ticket, Oyster, KeyGo smartcard

  • Dates of travel

  • Origin and destination stations

  • Where tickets have been purchased

  • Value of the tickets

You will be asked to provide proof of travel for the period 20 May - 28 July 2018 which includes:

  • Scan/photo of tickets

  • Receipts/bank statement

  • Oyster PAYG journey history and receipt

  • Contactless (CPAY) journey history *

*Contactless customers should register their card on the TfL website. Visit

What if I am struggling to provide proof but I still think I am eligible to make a claim? Submit the claim to Thameslink anyway. They will assess each claim individually based on the circumstances and the evidence you provide. Remember, if you used the service during the disruption, you are entitled to compensation, so just provide as much information as you can.

What if my claim is rejected? If you have made a claim and its rejected, in the first instance call Thameslink compensation team to ask why. You can call them on: 0345 026 4700 and you just need to have your claim number handy so they can discuss the claim with you.

If you have spoken to Thameslink on the phone about your claim, its been rejected and you feel that you haven't been treated fairly, then pass the details to us and we will take a look to see if we can escalate to our contacts at Thameslink to help.

You can email us at:

We can ONLY take a look if you have already raised a claim with Thameslink, its been rejected and you don't believe they have made a fair decision.

What if I have more questions? Check out the comprehensive FAQs page on the Thameslink website: and if you still have questions, call their compensation team directly on 0345 026 4700


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