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The Great Train Robbery

We can't say we're not used to hold-ups of all kinds on the Cinderella Line but the disastrous launch of the new timetable back in May and it's after-effects has left our six forgotten stations feeling totally robbed.

Since we last updated you, the Cinderella Line campaign has been pushing hard to get Thameslink and Network Rail to commit to honouring the promises they made to us about what we should have had in May: 4 trains an hour, all day every day, and more evenly spaced services in the peaks to provide the proper turn up and go service that we need.

We've all been badly let down. We know what we have now is not fit for purpose, as it wasn't fit for purpose when we started this campaign and we're not the only ones who think so. As you may have seen in the media, Thameslink and Network Rail are both being scrutinised by the governments Transport Select committee for the way in which they handled the new timetable roll-out and a report is due out later on this year.

The current service has stabilised over the last few weeks, with fewer cancellations and delays. It isn't as bad as it could be - many areas have had their peak services cut to just two an hour in what has effectively been a bonfire of everyone's hopes - but our stations are at least better off than some, largely because of the huge public support we have receieved.

That's in no way to excuses the disaster Thameslink and Network Rail have presided over, but the fact that we have managed to at least protect the services we do have is a sign of just how good our local support is and serves as a reminder of how little appetite there is to cross Crofton Park or nettle Nunhead.


Six forgotten stations in South London

Campaigning Thameslink for a better service

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