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Is your train overcrowded or late?

Ask @TLRailUK why.

Add @acinderellaline so we can support you.

Well THAT didn't go so well

We started this campaign to help commuters, just like us. Then, just when we hoped to see real results, we were utterly disppointed at the level of disruption and chaos.

We'll be closely monitoring how the rest of this week goes so please do keep in touch and tell us how it's going for you. If what Thameslink is providing is not good enough, we won't stop telling them until we get the 'better' we were all hoping for and which we so desperately need and deserve from our rail providers.


Six forgotten stations in South London

Campaigning Thameslink for a better service

A Cinderella Line campaign has been created and is run by the Crofton Park Transport Users Group (CPTUG)

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