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New Years Revolution on the Cinderella Line

It's only February but the wheels of our campaign are already driving us rapidly on towards better trains in 2018. Thanks to the hundreds of you who clicked through the last round of Thameslink consultations over the festive period, we are closer than ever to seeing 4 trains an hour to Blackfriars. To keep that momentum going, we will be hosting a public meeting at the Rivoli Ballroom, Crofton Park on Satuday 3rd March at 2pm. This is will be when Thameslink reveal our new timetable, as well as answering any of your questions.

What About Victoria... You may remember that we also asked you to sign the petition for trains to and from Victoria. If you haven’t yet, its just one click so please add your name to the 500 others already there - sign here.

Southeastern would be running our Victoria services and they should also be at the meeting at the Rivoli Ballroom. Come along and let's see if we can persuade Southeastern to make Victoria services our crowning glory. Mind the gap Many of you have complained about the gap between the trains and the platforms. Thameslink have started to address this at some of the core stations on our route and we think it should be raised for us as well. If this is something that you are concerned about, please come to the public meeting on the 3rd of March. It's our numbers that can make the difference. Once again, thanks for the support. Cinderella shall go to the ballroom.


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