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Phase two is here!

Nearly 3,000 of you signed up to support our requests for the new Thameslink Timetable in phase one.

We asked for:

  • A minimum of 4 trains an hour 7 days a week

  • All trains to go through to St Pancras - no terminating at Blackfriars

  • Trains to be spaced evenly so you can turn up and go

  • Trains to stop at all stations on the route (currently they are proposing to skip Kentish Town in the peak time)

Phase two has now started and we are pleased to tell you that Thameslink have agreed to give us what we have asked for, providing there is enough public support for it.

They are proposing:

  • 4 trains an hour Monday - Friday (the plans for the weekend are still in development)

  • In the morning and evening peak: All trains will run through to St Pancras and beyond

  • Off peak: 2 of the 4 trains will run through Blackfriars to St Pancras and beyond, the other two will terminate at Blackriars

  • Services will call at all stations (including Kentish Town) so you won't ever miss your stop

  • Trains will be evenly spaced so you can turn up and go*

* You will notice that the new timetable spaces services at 10 and 20 minute intervals. The reason for this is to allow another train operator to fill the gaps to then provide 6 trains per hour in the peak periods. 

For us to get all of this, we need at least 3,000 of you to respond to Phase two and sign up to seal the deal.

Tell Thameslink you're sure you want it. Let's show them what a local response really looks like.

All you need to do is complete the survey and say you agree:


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