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Public Meeting - Saturday 8th April 2pm

We had amazing local support during Phase 1 of the Thameslink consultation where 2875 people from this area had their say. But there’s more to come. Timetables are on the menu for Phase 2 of the consultation so this is your chance to ask questions. What will we be getting? Where will it stop? When will it run? Want more Victoria services? This is our time to ask.

What we’ve achieved so far:

  • New Class 700 trains being rolled out, with 30% more capacity

  • 4 extra services to Victoria in the mornings, courtesy of Southeastern

  • 20% of the response to the whole of Phase 1 of the Thameslink consultation coming from Crofton Park

So come to the Rivoli Ballroom at 2pm on Saturday - let Thameslink hear our voices!


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