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Five reasons to sign the Thameslink consultation

The Cinderella Line is six stations from Ravensbourne to Nunhead which time and Thameslink seem to have forgotten. After a lot of work from the Crofton Park Transport Users Group, with the firm support of MP for Lewisham Deptford, Vicky Foxcroft, it looks as though the tide may now be turning. As of the 12th December, Crofton Park and Bellingham will have direct services to London Victoria during morning peak times, courtesy of South Eastern. We're getting newer trains with 30% more capacity and Thameslink are doing a huge timetable consultation - with the potential to give us an extra two Blackfriars services an hour - but we have to let them know how much we want them. In case you need a reminder, here are five reasons for you to go online and participate:

1. You are fed up having to stand on a freezing platform, muttering "you total f*****s" and texting your boss another ridiculous-sounding excuse: no drivers, low sun, bad rain, sheep on the line.

2. You're shocked when a train arrives on time - to the point of needing CPR - but normality quickly reasserts itself when it's too packed for you to get on.

3. Your job, your childcare arrangement and your social life are at the mercy of the two trains an hour Thameslink currently timetable. TWO trains an HOUR. Usain Bolt could run the 100 meters 180 times between trains on the Cinderella Line

4. You realise, over the last four years passenger growth has been up by 36% but the service is worse now than when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

5. You know how great our areas is, you want to share some of our local business gems: the cafes, the restaurants, the bars and shops, the beautiful green spaces but whenever you ask people to come and see you in this part of London, in the capital city of England, they make a face that says: "Yeah, I would but I don't like you enough to risk the fact that I might NEVER LEAVE AGAIN". And that's your Mother.

Please help us improve our trains. It will take less time than it would for Usain Bolt to run the 100 meters six times and you can do it while you're waiting half an hour for the next train after that four-carriage service moved off without you on board.

All you need to do is go to, sign your name and say you agree.

But people - we need to do this by the 8th of December so do a bit better than Thameslink normally does and MOVE.

Thank you


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