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Want to go to Victoria? Now you can!

As you know, we have been campaigning to improve services for Crofton Park and the Catford Loop to improve our current service.

We are pleased to be able to tell you that from 12th December, we will see four new services for Crofton Park and one for Bellingham! With the support of our MP Vicky Foxcroft, we have been able to work with Southeastern Railways to get extra services for our morning rush hour.

The morning peak time is the most severely over crowded on the Catford Loop with some of our services being as much as 46% over capacity - more than 350 extra passengers per train.

There is currently no more capacity on the main Thameslink route, so we have asked Southeastern Railway to step in and provide services to London Victoria.

We know that many passengers want to travel to Victoria and to the west of London and so this will provide a vital route for us to use.

The new services will start from Monday 12th December and will run at the following times:

07:36 Crofton Park – Victoria 07:58 Bellingham – Victoria 08:24 Crofton Park – Victoria 08:43 Crofton Park – Victoria 09:01 Crofton Park - Blackfriars

The services to Victoria will also stop at Denmark Hill which is handy if you want to change to use the London Overground.

Currently there are no return services for the evening, but there is a good interchange at Denmark Hill that will mean you can go from Victoria to Crofton Park in 25 minutes.

We will work with Southeastern Railway to see if in future we can have direct evening services as this will provide an even better service for everyone.

As always, thank you to everyone that has continued to support the campaign, and special thanks to our MP, Vicky Foxcroft and her team as we wouldn't have been able to achieve this without them.


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