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Have your say - public meeting with Thameslink directors

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WE MET THAMESLINK AND NETWORK RAIL DIRECTORS: You’ll be pleased to know we were able to secure a meeting with directors from Govia Thameslink Railway and Network Rail to raise some of the campaigns key concerns (raised by you) on the service we are receiving. We met in Westminster and were joined by our local MP Vicky Foxcroft, who has been a great supporter of the campaign. We raised and discussed five key issues with them:

  1. Severe overcrowding on the trains

  2. Chronically poor reliability

  3. Poor communication and lack of information

  4. Condition of stations on the route

  5. Longer term improvements to the service

To find out what Thameslink and Network Rail said on these issues and more, read the full update about our meeting. NEXT STEPS We are pleased to tell you that we have secured another public meeting and this time directors from both Govia Thameslink and Network Rail have agreed to attend. This is your opportunity to put your questions and suggestions directly to them, as well as for us to give you a further update on the campaign.

The public meeting will be from 2-3pm on Saturday 21st May and will be held in the Rivoli Ballroom next to Crofton Park Train Station.

We are connecting with similar transport groups along our route, contacting MPs and Assembly and Mayoral candidates to support the campaign and help enable change, and we will update you more as we progress.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? We need to continue to show that this is an important issue affecting residents and businesses. Please continue to show your support and help us to spread the details of the campaign – there us strength in numbers!

  1. Show your support and help make a change, sign and share the petition: Did you know if you spread the word: if everyone that has already signed the petition were to get one other person to sign, we would reach nearly 3,000 signatures!

  2. Keep up-to-date on the campaign, details of the next meeting and how you can be more involved, by: Following us on Twitter: and like us on Facebook:

  3. Show your support: Write a letter or email to Thameslink and the Department for Transport. Its important to write to Thameslink as they run our service, but its also important to get in touch with the Department for Transport as they decide who runs our service and how many trains an hour we are provided with.

We will shortly be publishing a template with a suggested letter to give a starting point for you to use, or write your own letter as you prefer.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the campaign!


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