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Six forgotten stations in South London


Services to Victoria

Southeastern Consultation

SouthEastern are making some changes.

Some years ago, there was a plan to run services between Bellingham and Victoria via Crofton Park. While this isn't currently on the menu but there's an opportunity here for us to make them realise how much we want them.

Our new four-trains-an-hour Thameslink timetable has been specifically designed to allow this type of service to be introduced in the gaps, and now is the time to make our voice heard.

We've got form for getting top-level turnout from our supporters when it comes to getting the biggest results for both stages of the Thameslink consultation - against stiff competition from much bigger stations.


If you would like a twice-hourly, seven days a week, direct-to-Victoria service, follow the steps below to fill in the consultation and let SouthEastern know.

Step 1 - Complete the basics

Go to the feedback website (link below) and tell them that you use Southeastern services from Crofton Park (or one of the other Cinderella Line stations) to London Victoria

Step 2 - Tell them it affects you

Say that you will be affected by the changes, and then give some more details.

We suggest writing something like this: 


"I would really like Southeastern to consider introducing the long-planned Bellingham to Victoria service via Crofton Park and Catford. The new Thameslink timetable has left clear gaps to accommodate the service twice hourly, and it would be a welcome addition to capacity in SE London and also take some weight off the District Line between Blackfriars and Victoria and the Victoria-Dartford services"

Step 3 - Add your details and send

You can add your personal details if you want Southeastern to update you on their plans.

If you would prefer not to hear from them you can leave this blank and just click Done to send your feedback.

That's it!

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