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To Victoria

Victoria: Long May She Train

Now that things are looking good with our Thameslink services, its time for the Cinderella Line to get to Victoria

A little while ago now, the Cinderella Line campaign and the local community successfully pushed for services into Victoria during morning peak times on a weekday.

That's helped curtail a lot of commutes but all work and no play isn't fun.


As much as we love where we live, sometimes the bright lights of the West End beckon so imagine if Southeastern put on a star turn and trains on the Cinderella Line went to Victoria on a weekend too?

We don't want to be stamping our feet in the cold, waiting for a connection, we want to have our knees under the table at a lovely restaurant, be tapping our feet to live music, shaking our things on the dancefloor...and if we wanted to see a musical just 20 minutes from home - well, that would be Wicked, wouldn't it?

To show your support, all you need to do is sign our petition to help us on the way. It only takes a second and even if you don't use Victoria services, its worth signing as it will help to show strength in numbers for our stations.


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