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9 Dec 2019

We've Got Your Back

Just like always, we're working away in the background to get better from our train operators. Now can you get behind us again on something new?

The Bakerloo line will be coming to Lewisham and Transport for London are having a further consultation about extending further - beyond Lewisham to Catford and Beckenham - terminating at Hayes. 

We really want that extension to Hayes because that will mean the Baker...

18 Jul 2019

Improving our Station in Life

As compensation for last May's new timetable Hokey Cokey (it was in. It was out. Everyone was shaken all about). Thameslink have stumped up a nice pot of cash to help make the passengers and stations on the Cinderella Line feel a bit better. 
Our campaign group have spent time consulting local councillors from each station and asking the community wherever we can about the best way to spend the m...

20 Feb 2019

February already and the Cinderella Line campaign is fit and ready. Already lined up for this year we've got campaigners on the box, eyes on the gap, an MP ready to roll, questions on numbers, makeovers in waiting and a missing train...restored.

On the One Show - with Thameslink's CEO

Last week, Vanessa and Salima two of our campaign members got a chance to catch a train with Patrick Verwer, CEO of Thameslink - and be filmed doi...

13 Dec 2018

The Cinderella Line campaign isn't just for Christmas. We've been working for years to bring this about and we're with you in celebrating an important milestone this festive season: We finally get four trains an hour.

The botched timetable implementation has made us late to the party. From May to December has been a long time for all of us train users but we're finally there. 

This milestone in our campaign sees a doubling our s...

23 Nov 2018

Winter draws on but a great number of local residents still made it to the Rivoli Ballroom to hear about the latest updates from the Cinderella Line last Saturday, along with our local MP, Vicky Foxcroft, representatives from Thameslink and Network Rail and a surprise appearance from the Mayor of Lewisham, Damien Egan, who lent his support to the campaign - highlighting once again what an important issue transport is for local...

5 Nov 2018

Good news! We have a confirmed date for our public meeting with Thameslink and Network Rail. The day is Saturday 17th November. The time is 2pm. The place is the Rivoli Ballroom.

Thameslink Railway and Network Rail will be there and the meeting will be chaired by local MP Vicky Foxcroft. 

This is your chance to help us push for the services we were promised and to tell them to how vital they are for local users. 

Get what you des...

9 Sep 2018

We can't say we're not used to hold-ups of all kinds on the Cinderella Line but the disastrous launch of the new timetable back in May and it's after-effects has left our six forgotten stations feeling totally robbed.

Since we last updated you, the Cinderella Line campaign has been pushing hard to get Thameslink and Network Rail to commit to honouring the promises they made to us about what we should have had in May: 4 trains a...

12 Jul 2018

Following on from our last update to you, the Cinderella Line service has seen little improvement since the introduction of the May 2018 timetables, with services routinely being overcrowded and cancelled and short notice.

In our last update about the service, we explained how the message we have been feeding back to Thameslink, based on our experience – which is the same as yours - is that this is simply unacceptable and canno...

28 May 2018

The Cinderella Line campaign is run by a group of volunteers who want to help our community get better rail services. We're commuters too, with commitments like work and families and...well...lives to get on and live.

Together, we have all worked long and hard to get improvements and we saw, and still see, the new timetable as a huge opportunity to do just that.

With such a massive change, teething troubles are to be expected. B...

22 May 2018

We started this campaign to help commuters, just like us. Then, just when we hoped to see real results, we were utterly disppointed at the level of disruption and chaos.

We'll be closely monitoring how the rest of this week goes so please do keep in touch and tell us how it's going for you. If what Thameslink is providing is not good enough, we won't stop telling them until we get the 'better' we were all hoping for and which...

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